Can I add training wheels to the bikes?


There is an easier and quicker way to teach children to ride a bike. Over the past several years, balance bikes (bikes without pedals), have become incredibly popular by teaching children to learn to balance first. Following this same approach, we recommend leaving the pedals off our bikes and letting your child learn to balance first by pushing the bike forward with their feet. Once they start to get a hang of balancing, you can install the pedals and let them ride with you by their side. In no time, they will be riding away on their own! Lots of our customers have had success using this approach with their children. Here is a video showing this: 3 Easy Steps to Ride a Bike. You can also check out this article written by our team here


If the method above does not work for your child, here are a set of training wheels that work with our Ethos Series Bikes (14" 16" & 20" Small): Wald Training Wheels. Please note these do not work with Original Series Bikes 


IMPORTANT - When you install the training wheels, make sure to only loosen one of the rear "wheel axle nuts" at a time (see image below). Do not loosen both sides at the same time. The goal is to make sure the wheel doesn't move when you install the training wheels. If you loosen both wheel nuts at the same time, the wheel can slide forward or backwards in the "dropouts" causing these two issues.
  1. The amount of tension on the chain will change.
  2. The wheel can move causing one of the brake pads to rub on the rim.

If you have any follow up questions, please contact us.