20inch bikes, single speed or geared?

Deciding on a 20 inch large Original Series single speed vs geared bike comes down to four aspects:

1. Color - the single speed and 6 speed 20 inch bikes come in different colors. Which color does your child like the best? 
2. Type of riding - If your child is going to take longer bike rides or traversing hilly terrain, then they will benefit from having a bike with multiple gears. If your child will be riding around the neighborhood, then a single speed bike should work great.
3. Maintenance - single speed bikes requirement less maintenance than geared bikes. As your child continues to use the bike, cables will begin to stretch, causing the shifting system to need adjustments. Most of the time these adjustments can be done by hand. See SETUP section in the FAQ for "THE GEARS ARE NOT SHIFTING PROPERLY". 
4. Experience - if your child is successfully starting, riding, and stopping a bike, gears are the final step to teach them and may be a useful option for them. If you child is just starting to learn riding a bike, gears may be too complex for their first bike.

Note: If you decide to choose a bike with gears, you can leave the bike in the same gear until your child is ready to start using the shifter. Leaving the bike in third gear has a similar ratio to a single speed bike.

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