Can I raise my handlebars?

For our original models, the handlebars aren't able to be raised because we are using what is called a threadless headset/stem. The advantages of this are durability and safety because there are no threads that can come loose over time (hence the term "threadless"). The disadvantage is the handlebars can't be raised super quick. The handlebars on the bike have 1.5 inch rise (height of the handlebar). We keep in stock 4.5 inch rise handlebars that customers can purchase at our cost as the kids grow. We suggest keeping the lower handlebars on as long as possible because it makes controlling the bike easier.

That said, our ethos models are a bit different. This video shows how to adjust the Ethos Series stem up and down. Make sure you don't raise the stem past the "minimum insert mark" on the stem and that you really tighten down the top bolt so it doesn't come loose.