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Do you sell refurbished bikes or have a trade in program?

We don't have any returned or refurbished bikes to sell. Instead of having customers who'd like to return send the bikes back to us, we ask that they donate them to local charities in their community. Although it's a cool return policy, it doesn't al

Can I customize the color of the bike or its parts?

We apologize, but at this time we are unable to offer customizations for bikes or their parts. We currently sell our bikes as shown on our website. We hope you find a color option that you like from our available selections.

Are Guardian Bikes suitable for children with special needs?

Yes, Guardian Bikes are designed with the needs of all children in mind, including those with special needs. The design removes unnecessary complexities, such as multiple brake levers and coaster brakes, to make riding easier and more enjoyable for c

How long does it take to receive a callback from customer service?

After leaving a message with our customer service, a callback will be placed in queue. The response time may vary depending on the volume of inquiries we are handling. To assist you promptly, please provide a contact number where we can reach you. Ou

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