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Do you sell refurbished bikes or have a trade in program?Updated 2 days ago

We don't have any returned or refurbished bikes to sell. 

Instead of having customers who'd like to return send the bikes back to us, we ask that they donate them to local charities in their community. 
Although it's a cool return policy, it doesn't allow for a refurbished bike program. 

Most online companies charge $60-$80 upfront for their trade-in programs and you need to keep the original packing throughout the life of the bike. Then, most of the time it's up to the company to decide if the bike is in good enough condition to give a rebate on the next purchase. At this point, when we looked a program like this, we just didn't think it was a very good experience for our customers. Instead, we focused our efforts on developing the more affordable Ethos Series.

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