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Front brake not workingUpdated a month ago

Are the front brake arms not moving when you pull the brake lever? 

Don't worry, it's likely that the front brake actually is working! See the video here to learn how the SureStop Brake System operates.

Please note: the bike has to have weight on it & be moving in a forward motion in order for the front brake to engage. Try sitting on the bike and pull the brake lever while rolling forward to check the front brake activating.

Is the front brake clamped down on the front wheel? 

If the front brake is clamped down on the front wheel, then it means the cables are wrapped. Don't worry, it's a really easy fix! Just rotate the fork the correct way so all cables are untwisted. Check out this video for help: 360 degrees.
Once the cables are untwisted, the front wheel should spin freely & the brakes will no longer lock-up.

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