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Pedal HelpUpdated 2 months ago

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The right pedal tightens clockwise and the left pedal tightens counter-clockwise. This allows both pedals to stay tight as your child rides! If the pedals are not labeled, you can find whether it's the left or right pedal at the end of the spindle (please see photo below!). 

To remove the pedals, take your 15 mm wrench and loosen the nut where the pedal meets the crank arm. Remember the right unscrews counter-clockwise and the left unscrews clockwise.

The pedals on our bikes have a 9/16 spindle, which is pretty common. You can replace them with any pedal of the same spindle size. 

Missing pedals or pedals not attaching properly? Please email our support team for more help: [email protected]

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