I'm stuck assembling my 24" bike!

Feeling stuck? Here are some answers to common questions you may have while setting up the new bike!

Why is my front brake not working?

Don't worry, it's likely that the front brake actually is working! See the video here to learn how the SureStop Brake System operates. The bike has to have weight on it & be moving in a forward motion in order for the front brake to engage.

Why are my pedals not going in?

The right pedal tightens clockwise (righty-tighty) and the left pedal tightens counter-clockwise (lefty-tighty). This allows both pedals to stay tight as your child rides! Here’s a quick video that will help you.

How do I set up these handlebars properly? 

We’ve got your back. Follow along with this video to ensure your child’s handlebars are looking great!

I’m having a hard time connecting the front brake!

We have a two step process to ensure the brake connects:

Step 1: If your bike doesn’t look like FIG 2 below, you may have forgotten to rotate the fork.

FIG 1: If the cable is backward, watch this video.

FIG 2: If your cables look this, you nailed it!

Step 2: Check to ensure the cable is properly seated in the SureStop brake pad. This pad can be found at the rear on the chain side.

Still, stuck? Check out this video.

The brakes seem to be rubbing on one side of the front wheel rim.

A majority of the time, one of the brake pads is rubbing against the rim because the wheel is not installed perfectly straight. As you tighten down the front wheel nuts, the wheel can sometimes shift out of alignment. This video will help you get the wheel setup straight. 

This size isn’t going to fit my child. What should I do?

Don’t panic! We’ll take care of you. Please fill out our exchange form here.