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Do you offer international shipping or shipping to Canada?Updated 2 months ago

We are currently only selling in the USA on our website. In the future, we plan to sell into other markets but we don't have an exact date yet. If you'd like to receive updates, please sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of our website.

If you ever visit the USA from Canada, here is one other option. We have some customers who will order the bike to a friend/family member's house when they visit the USA and then drive or fly back with the bike. NOTE: If you decide to do this, we do not accept return shipments from Canada & the warranty will be void.

We have had a handful of customers in the past who have arranged shipments from our factory to Canada themselves. We can facilitate this if you set up a pickup and email us a prepaid shipping label. 

Some customers in the past have had their bikes shipped to one of the 50 states, and then taken the box on the airplane or had a family member or friend fly with it. Often airlines will have special reduced rates for sports equipment. 

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