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Are Guardian Bikes suitable for children with special needs?

Yes, Guardian Bikes are designed with the needs of all children in mind, including those with special needs. The design removes unnecessary complexities, such as multiple brake levers and coaster brakes, to make riding easier and more enjoyable for c

How long does it take to receive a callback from customer service?

After leaving a message with our customer service, a callback will be placed in queue. The response time may vary depending on the volume of inquiries we are handling. To assist you promptly, please provide a contact number where we can reach you. Ou

What are the measurements and geometry of the bike itself? (length, height, width)

Below you will find diagrams for each bike's measurements. The clamp diameter for replacement handlebars is 25.4 mm.

Front brake not working

Are the front brake arms not moving when you pull the brake lever?. Don't worry, it's likely that the front brake actually is working! See the video here to learn how the SureStop Brake System operates.Please note: the bike has to have weight on it &

Front brake rubbing on both sides of the wheel

When the front brake is rubbing on both sides of the wheel, it's likely the front fork needs to be rotated to unwrap the brake cables.

Cannot connect the front brake

What should I do if my delivery says it was delivered, but I can't find it?

Firstly, don't worry. In the event this happens, we've got you covered. Additionally, we encourage you to speak to your neighbors just in case the package was received by oversight. Be sure to check the Fedex tracking page for the delivery photo to h

How long does it usually take to receive an order?

The delivery time for your Guardian Bike can vary depending on your location. To provide you with accurate shipping information, please share your order number if you have already completed your purchase or inform us of your state if you are yet to p

Can I add pedals to the 12" balance bike?

The 12" balance bike does not have the option to add pedals or a chain drive.All other sizes are balance bike/pedal compatible and can be used with or without them following the balance bike method.

Are your tires and tubes air-filled?

Yes, all of the wheels on our bikes come with tires and air-filled inner tubes.

How do I get a warranty replacement part for my bike?

If any part of your bike is damaged, please send us a photo of the issue! Our customer service will take a look at what is needed and help with sending out spare parts and even help out with the installation.