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How do I choose the correct size or teach my kid to ride a bike?

What is the RideSizer tool?

Ridesizer is the world's first kids bike sizing tool that helps you choose the perfect bike for your child and tells you how long it will last.

How do I measure my child's inseam (Leg Length)& why is it important?

Your child's leg length determines how far off the ground their heels will be while sitting on the Guardian Bike. This measurement adds  5% more accuracy when determining the correct bike size. Confident riders on 20 inch large, 24, and 26 inch bikes

I'm a small adult. Can I ride a Guardian Bike?

While we appreciate your interest in our bikes, they are not recommended for adults. Although height wise it may fit, the bikes are specifically designed for kids (small brake levers, shorter reach, lower center of gravity, etc.) making it not the be

How do I teach my kid to ride a bike?

We have lots of helpful articles on our Around the Block blog to help you get your kiddo riding!. How to teach a kid to ride a bike. Transition from a balance bike to a pedal bike. How to change gears on a multi-speed bike. How to wash your bike. Why

Why is the recommended bike size different than another bike my child has tried?

All bikes have a different geometry. If you were to try a bike at Walmart, Target, or even at a bike store, that shared the same wheel size as our bikes, it will still not fit the same. Guardian Bikes are specifically designed with an extended wheelb

What's the difference between a 20" small and a 20" large?

The 20 inch small vs 20 inch large is based on the size of the frame design. Although the two bikes share the same tire size, the 20 inch small bike has a lower seat height so it fits a smaller child. The rest of the frame geometry is then engineered

In RideSizer, when I put in the height it tells me one size and when I put in their leg length it tells me another. Which size should I choose?

Using your child’s leg length is the most accurate way to size your child because we are able to match your child up to the seat height of the bike. When calculating by height it is less accurate as we are estimating your child’s leg length based on

Do your bikes have a rider weight limit?

That's a great question!  We test our bikes with a 150 lbs rider, but they can handle about 180 lbs,