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What's the difference between a 20" small and a 20" large?Updated 3 months ago

The 20 inch small vs 20 inch large is based on the size of the frame design. Although the two bikes share the same tire size, the 20 inch small bike has a lower seat height so it fits a smaller child. The rest of the frame geometry is then engineered to fit a child that size. 

Also note that the 20" Large is a 6-Speed, whereas the 20" Small is a single speed.

The best way to figure out which size is correct is to use our awesome RideSizer tool.

Seat Height Range (MIn - Max)
20 inch (small) = 20.8 - 26.8 in
20 inch (large) = 22.5 - 28.5 in

Height Range (MIn - Max)
20 inch (small) = 43 - 51 in
20 inch (large) = 45 - 53 in

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