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Where can I find accessories and which ones work with my bike?

Check out our accessories page for the full lineup: Accessories and Spare Pars. Looking for a wider or softer saddle? The saddles on our 20", 24", and 26" bikes can easily be swapped out with any saddle that attaches with dual rails. Here is a compat

How much do your bikes weigh?

Below are the weights for all of our bikes:. 12" Balance Bike = 8.5 lbs16 inch = 17.5 lbs. 26 inch = 24.75 lbs

What is my bike SKU?

A list of SKUs can be found below. These SKUs are needed for bike assembly:. ETHOS. 14" ETHOS Pink/Teal GBE-14-1-PT. 14" ETHOS Black/Blue GBE-14-1-BB. 16" ETHOS Black/Blue - GBE-16-1-BB. 16" ETHOS Pink/Teal - GBE-16-1-PT. 20" Small ETHOS Black/Red -

This is a gift. What does the bike box look like?

Great news! Our boxes just have the Guardian badge on them, so it's a "G" with wings. There is no photo of a bike on the box, with the exception of a small bike on the top flap which is required by law.

What's the difference between a 20" small and a 20" large?

The 20 inch small vs 20 inch large is based on the size of the frame design. Although the two bikes share the same tire size, the 20 inch small bike has a lower seat height so it fits a smaller child. The rest of the frame geometry is then engineered

Can I add training wheels to the bikes?

Guardian Training Wheels. LEARNING TO RIDE WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS. There is an easier and quicker way to teach children to ride a bike. Over the past several years, balance bikes (bikes without pedals), have become incredibly popular by teaching chi

Can I put larger tires for mountain biking on my bike?

Here are the tire sizes for all of our bikes:. 26 inch = 26 x 1.75 in

Can I see an online version of the product manual?

Yes, of course! Here is a PDF: Guardian Bikes Owners Manual

Can I use the bike on trails?

Most young kids are doing basic trail riding on gravel/manicured trails which our bikes can work for.

What's the recommended tire pressure?

The recommended tire pressure for our bikes are as follows:. 12" Bike - 30 PSI. 14" Bike - 35 PSI. 16" Bike - 35 PSI.

Do the bikes include a kickstand?

Yes, all of our PEDAL bikes (not the 12 inch balance bike) come with a high-quality alloy kickstand pre-installed on the bicycle.

Can I add a quick release to the wheel?

No, all of our wheels come equipped with a threaded axle and wheel nuts, so you won't be able to install a quick release. We made this decision because we feel it is a safer option for kids. With all of our 24 and 26 inch bikes, we include a high-qua

What type of valve is on the tires?

We use a Schrader valve on all of our bike tires. For our Balance Bikes only the valve cap operates differently.  You will need to push down and turn the cap like a medicine bottle cap.  This is required by law.

Can I add gears to a single speed bike?

Great question! It is not possible to add gears to a single-speed bike. This is because the rear dropouts (where the rear wheel fits in) are only 100mm wide, whereas geared bikes have 130mm wide dropouts to account for the gearing system.

Do you sell refurbished bikes or have a trade in program?

We don't have any returned or refurbished bikes to sell. Instead of having customers who'd like to return send the bikes back to us, we ask that they donate them to local charities in their community. Although it's a cool return policy, it doesn't al