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Where can I find accessories and which ones work with my bike?Updated 2 months ago

Searching for accessories? Look no further! 

Check out our accessories page for the full lineup: Accessories and Spare Pars

We offer a variety of accessories including:

  • Bells - ding, ding! not only do they make riding more fun, but also safer!
  • Helmets- For help choosing a size, click here.  
  • Streamers: There is a small plug inside the grips. You will need to remove the grips and take out the plug before inserting the streamers. You can also drill into the grips to create a larger hole for the streamers. 
  • Water bottles and water bottle holders
  • High rise handlebars
  • Training cones

Saddle options: 

Looking for a wider or softer saddle? The saddles on our 20", 24", and 26" bikes can easily be swapped out with any saddle that attaches with dual rails. Here is a compatible wider saddle that we like. For help with installing a new saddle click here

For our smaller bikes, this one on Amazon fits nicely. Our bike saddle measures 9.5" long and almost 5".

High-rise handlebar: 

Though we suggest keeping the original, lower handlebars on as long as possible because it makes controlling the bike easier, we do offer a high rise bar that you can add as your kid grows. 
The handlebars on the bikes have 1.5 inch rise (height of the handlebar). We offer a 4.5 inch rise handlebar for 20" and 24" bikes that you can purchase here
Here is the video showing how the handlebars can be swapped on a single speed or a video on a geared bike.

Rear rack: 

Most manufacturers do not make racks specifically for kids bikes, so you would need to order a universal rack. Here is an example of one on Amazon that works with our 20 inch large, 24 inch, and 26 inch bikes Ethos and Airos: Rack
Note that it will stick out a bit past the rear wheel. 


Most fenders will not fit on our bikes. This is because all of our bikes come with "mini brakes". By using mini brakes, we can use a brake lever that is easier for your child to reach. 
However, here is a fender from Amazon we have tested that fits on our 20, 24, and 26 inch bikes: Amazon Fender.

Car racks:

We found this bike rack that should fit up to two 24" or 26" Guardian Bikes quite nicely. It's fairly priced, has awesome reviews, and should do the trick! Please note, however, if your car has a spoiler or fairing it may not work. This brand, Allen, has a ton of other options that can fit more bikes or can fit cars with spoilers. 

We also like the brand Thule. On their website, you can put in the year & make of your car and it will show all the bike racks that fit your specific model (pretty cool, huh?!). Also, check this out for more recommendations.

For three or more bikes, we recommend Hollywood Racks Destination 4 Bike Hitch Rack : Sports & Outdoors


Most kid-size baskets that attach to the handlebars should work. There are lots of options on Amazon: Bike Baskets.

All of our handlebars have a 22 mm diameter (common size). 

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