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How do I exchange for a different size?Updated 2 months ago


We're happy to help you with an exchange.  Our return/Exchange policy lasts 365 days from the delivery date of your item(s). 

If your bike is too big or too small, please use the ridesizer app to find the perfect fit or contact us at [email protected]

To upgrade to a larger size: We will send you an invoice for a partial payment for the price difference which you can complete whenever you're ready. We ask that you donate the smaller bike to someone in need in your community. 

To downgrade to a smaller size: First, try to remove the reflector! If you are still in need of a smaller size, we ask that you donate the larger bike for a full refund and purchase the smaller size whenever you're ready.

For Hawaii and Alaska

Returns - Hawaii and Alaska must be done with the donation option to receive a full refund of the bike and shipping.  If you prefer shipping the item back to us we will not refund return shipping only the item and shipping cost to you.  

Size Exchanges - We are unable to do size exchanges due to shipping cost to these locations but you can do a return and reorder the correct size.

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