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How do I exchange for a different size?Updated 6 months ago


We're happy to help you with an exchange.  Our return/Exchange policy lasts 365 days from the delivery date of your item(s). 

Please note, we only allow one return/exchange per bike. 

If your bike is too big or too small, please use the ridesizer app to find the perfect fit or contact us at [email protected].

To upgrade to a larger size: Please donate your bike to a local charity for a full refund, and place a new order for the correct size. (in whichever order works best for you!)

To downgrade to a smaller size: First, try to remove the reflector! If you are still in need of a smaller size, we ask that you donate the larger bike for a full refund and purchase the smaller size whenever you're ready.

For Hawaii and Alaska

Returns - Bikes shipped to Hawaii and Alaska must be donated to receive a full refund of the bike and shipping. We do not cover return shipping costs from Hawaii or Alaska.

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