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How do I return a bike?Updated 6 months ago


While we're bummed to hear it's not working out, we can certainly help with your return.

Our return policy lasts 365 days from the delivery date of your item(s). 

For returns, we ask that you donate locally to a charity. 
Donating your bike is a great way to give back to the community! Once the donation is complete, just send us the proof of donation (donation receipt + photo of the bike being dropped off at the charity) and we'll complete your refund in full. 

For Expedited Shipping:  The products will be fully refunded but only a partial refund will occur on shipping to a total of $29 (regular ground amount).  The full expedited shipping charge will NOT be refunded in full

To start a return please email us your request and order number to [email protected]


Returns - Orders shipped to Hawaii and Alaska must be donated to receive a full refund of the bike and shipping. We do not cover return shipping costs. 

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