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What is the Guardian Bikes Warranty Policy?Updated 2 years ago

Our team is passionate about engineering the safest and best bikes for your children and we are obsessed with delivering our customers the absolute best experience. We stand by our products and customers. If there is an issue with your bike, we don’t believe you should pay the price. That is why we have created the industry’s best warranty policy below. This policy is only valid for the original registered owner of the bike. 

We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all frame defects and a one-year warranty on all component defects.

Items that experience normal wear are tear not included (tires, tubes, brake pads).

If there is a manufacturing defect, Guardian Bikes will pay for parts, shipping, and the repair work. Most minor repairs can easily be done at home using our repair videos and tools we will ship with the parts. If a major repair is needed, our team will help you find the nearest bike shop to do the repair. We will cover the cost of this repair work. 

Guardian Bikes offers a 1-year warranty against defects. Warranty does not cover rust or other weather related issues.  Please contact our customers support team with any questions.

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