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Accessory Install

Get help with helmet fit, training wheel installation, bottle cages and more


Training Wheels for 16" and 20" small bikes

Follow this setup video for help:.

Training Wheels for 14" bikes

Installing training wheels on your 14" Guardian Bike? Look no further! 🔧.

Helmet Fitting

Now that you’ve purchased the right helmet, it’s time to get it fastened on properly. This is where many parents make mistakes, so read carefully:.

Bottle Cage Adapter Accessory Install

Instructions on our 16" - 20" bottle cage adapter installation

24" and 26" Waterbottle Cage Install

Step 1 - Remove the two bolts located on the downtube of the bike frame. Step 2 - Install the cage onto the bike.  Place the "L" shaped part on the bottom of the cage. Step 3 - Bolt the cage back onto the frame of the bike.

Install new grips

To install new grips onto your bike follow these steps:. 1. Slide or cut off the current grips from both sides. 2. Spray a small amount of hairspray (optional, but recommended) into the new grips.  This will make it much easier to slide the new grips

Hand Pump Instructions

Seat clamp

Do you have a new color seat clamp that you'd like to install? This article is for you!. Please watch this video - Seat clamp installation. Steps. 1. Open lever on existing seat clamp. 2. Loosen nut until the clamp comes off. 3. Open up new seat clam

Bike locks

Our locks are perfect for safeguarding your Guardian Bike. And, since they lock with a 5-digit combination, there is no key needed. They're perfect for quick pit stops or for all-day lockup while at school. To set up your lock, first make sure it's s